Manny Lorenzo's Fractal Art

Activating Hadntz's Device
In March of 2010, I was invited by Professor Liza Greenberg to speak to her class at Miami-Dade College, InterAmerican Campus, about my work and about writing. It was great fun. Afterwards, Manny Lorenzo, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, took myself, my husband, Liza, and Michaela Tomova out to lunch. Manny creates fractal art, and he created the above piece after reading IN WAR TIMES. The caption is, "From Kathleen Ann Goonan's extraordinary and beautiful SF novel In War Times."


Jazz Dance
"For a moment, Sam saw time as a foam, clear curved surfaces that shared each side with a different reality, his own consciousness sliding across one of myriad bubbles, held by a surface tension more intense than gravity: many worlds, infinitely multiplied, forever existing, holding their stories to them with a force that was being shaken, below him, with newly released particles whose bonds had previously been impossible to shatter. He – whatever he could be said to be – was simply packets of information, loosely related, the bonds of which could break, be rearranged, and relink without apparent dissonance." In War Times by Kathleen Ann Goonan

You can see more of his marvelous artwork here.

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