CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY begins in the near future. International in scope, it chronicles the three waves of nanotechnology--limited nanotech, self-replication, and out of control evolution--through the eyes of many characters, including a resurrected mob boss, a Tibetan terrorist, and a radio astronomer who knows more about the communications breakdown than he can reveal.

The book has received some wonderful praise:


"Kathleen Ann Goonan has written a great big gumbo of a novel, full of freewheeling extrapolation and invention, where dozens of exotic people-whether they know it or not-help push humanity into a future of miraculous blinding clarity."

-Multiple Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Joe Haldeman

"CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY is marvelous! Goonan carves out her own future territory with passionate conviction; her Jazz novels show her to be a master of speculation and of character, as well."

-Hugo and Nebula Award-winning author Greg Bear

"CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY takes us into a 21st Century made nearly unrecognizable by biotechnology, with exciting, disturbing, intriguing aspects. Anyone concerned with how our ideas and our very selves will change, as biology bites deep, should enjoy this swift, smart tale."

-Nebula Award-winning author Gregory Benford

"Kathleen Ann Goonan is an imaginative, intelligent, and humane writer-one of our best-and everything she writes is worth reading. CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY is a fine example: a thoughtful and thought-provoking meditation on the possibilities and perils of human discovery."

-Stephen R. Donaldson, author of Chaos and Order

"Kathleen Ann Goonan keeps me believing in science fiction as real literature."

-Pat Cadigan, author of Tea from an Empty Cup

"CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY brilliantly describes a world in the process of total transformation as several radical technologies comes to maturity at once. Goonan dazzles as she describes a future torn between fear, uncertainty, and hope."

Walter Jon Williams, author of Rift and City on Fire

CRESCENT CITY RHAPSODY was published in hardcover February 2000 by AVON in their new EOS line. It was published in September 2000 by Orion in the UK. There will be a second UK printing April 2001.

Rapsodia Miasta Půłksiężyca

Polish Edition from Solaris 2006

SOLARIS, wydanie2006.r
ISBN: 978-83-89951-16-8

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