Georgia Institute of Technology
School of Literature, Communication and Culture
Kathleen joined the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Literature, Communication and Culture faculty as a visiting professor for the 2010-2011 academic year.

Critics and scholars outside the science fiction community regularly recognize Goonan’s ability to extrapolate startling—and startlingly poetic—new futures from current science and technologies as well. In 2001, Scientific American praised her as a “shaman of the small” for her expertise in nanotechnology, and that same year she was invited to speak at the Library of Congress about “the biological century and the future of science fiction.” In 2004, Goonan delivered keynote speeches on nanotechnology and literary vision at the University of South Carolina, Georgia Tech, and the Idaho Academy of Sciences. In 2006 her essay, “Consciousness, Literature, and Science Fiction,” appeared on the Iowa Review web site, and in 2007 she was invited to join the Sigma Science Fiction Think Tank, which does futurism consulting for the U.S. Government and appropriate NGOs.

She taught a variety of courses during her time at Tech including the history of science fiction and creative writing. She created a science, technology, and ideology course using biography to teach the subject.  She is retuning for the Fall Semester 2011.

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Last Update  6/22/2011
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