Quotes from reviews of QUEEN CITY JAZZ chosen as one of the eight best SF novels of 1994 by the

"A first novelist of enormous talent and energy" --NEW YORK TIMES

"A richly imagined first novel . . . Goonan displays a rare gift for grounding far-reaching ideas in beautifully crafted, almost magical prose."--BOOKLIST

". . . flavorsome and wonderfully inventive, the centerpiece being Goonan's dazzling vision of new technology run riot. An exceptionally promising first novel."--KIRKUS REVIEWS

"the resulting heady blend deserves a place in most sf collections."--LIBRARY JOURNAL

"Goonan's work is powerful and richly textured . . . (an) impressive first novel."--PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

". . . a well written novel steeped in powerful emotions." Norman Spinrad, ASIMOV'S

"A rich and vigorous first novel . . . In QCJ, Goonan displays a startlingly original and energetic imagination."--Paul McAuley, INTERZONE

"A . . . novel of startling virtuosity and complexity. . . the overall nanotech championship has to go to an American, Kathleen Ann Goonan, whose remarkable QCJ, with its surrealistic vision of an "enlivened" Cincinnati transformed into a pop-culture inferno, gets my vote as the best first novel of the year."--Gary Wolfe, LOCUS

"For new SF, the knockout was Kathleen Ann Goonan's blend of nanotech and Americana in QCJ."--Faren Miller, LOCUS

"A major debut"--LOCUS

What critics said about THE BONES OF TIME:

"Goonan, who immediately established herself as a major SF author with QUEEN CITY JAZZ again melds an original variety of elements into a satisfying and richly speculative novel. . . .In vivid prose, Goonan combines well-knit plotting, exotic settings (from Victorian England to a future Dalai Lama's Himalayan retreat), believable characters and extrapolations concerning science and consciousness that will revive even the jaded SF reader's sense of wonder." --PUBLISHER'S WEEKLY

In 21st-century Hawaii, Cen Kalakaua develops mathematical proofs that enable him to travel back to the 19th century and sets out on a mission to prolong the life of the last Hawaiian princess, Kaiulani. Seventeen years after Kalakaua disappears, geneticist Lynn Oshima saves the teenage clone of King Kamehameha so that he can fulfill his destiny to use the proofs to pilot a spaceship into the future. Goonan expertly interweaves these two stories amid a lush description of Hawaii and its indigenous culture. **Highly recommended**. --LIBRARY JOURNAL

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