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Playing With Photos

Red LeafI’m trying to see if I can surround a photo with text.  This is, of course, a maple leaf.  I take a lot of photos with an eye to using them in or for a painting, at some point.  When Painting Woman is allowed to surface, she sees everything as a potential painting.  She sets up the painting, creates a palette, thinks about shadows, what to leave in and what to include, and how to do it.  For the leaf:  paint a base color of golden orange?  Layer on the red?  Paint the red (to put it simply), etch out the veins with a pin, and add gold?  I dunno.  Each attempt is an exercise in itself, just for the pleasure of finding out what works.

When I’m in full painting mode, it can be a nuisance; it’s all I think about.  Clouds, mountains, faces, interesting juxtapositions of form and color:  I think constantly about How To Paint This as I see.  I am therefore processing images rather than words, plot, dialogue, etc. during those times when I am away from my keyboard.  When I’m writing, I’m full into it.  I go to bed with scenes–dialogue, motive, The New Thought That Illuminates The Whole, etc.– unfolding in my mind, and have to get up and write them down, for they are ephemeral.  When I allow myself to relax into default, which seems to be painting mode, I’m not that way.

For many years, I was always in Poetry Mode.  Lines came into me one at a time, wherever I was, stimulated by all I saw and heard.  “Private Gravity” is a poem I published in Asimov’s (one of the best-paying markets for poetry!) years ago.  I will make it the next post.

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1 Pam { 07.16.09 at 6:54 PM }

The wrap on this photo looks fine on the website, but not in the feed. That could just be my feed reader thingy screwing up the translation though.

2 Kathleen Goonan { 07.16.09 at 7:13 PM }

I’ll take a look at the feed, too.

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