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Pam Noles at AND WE SHALL MARCH has posted a marvelous review of THIS SHARED DREAM.   Here is a bit of what she has to say:

Goonan deploys John le Carre-level spy craft in a thrilling, complex plot that takes the tech we have now and extrapolates its potential into the future. She flings a bunch of balls into the air at the start and doesn’t drop a single one as she takes the story home. She is talking about education. She is talking about global development. She is talking about war. She is talking about one-to-one functional and not family dynamics. She is talking about love. She is talking about race. She is talking about the monied and the not-so-much. She is talking about why we war. She is talking about hope. All at once, in this book called This Shared Dream, which is astonishing.

Wow.  I do like to hear these things.  Writing is a solitary occupation, and writers get little feedback about whether or not what they’ve tried to do hits the mark.  Sounds like maybe, for once, I did what I intended to do.

Read the entire post, and then more of AND WE SHALL MARCH, at this link:


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