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How Cool Is This? TWO blurbs from Eileen Gunn for This Shared Dream

I love both of them!   Who wouldn’t? 


“What if you could travel through time to fix what is wrong with the world? The world would resist, and the very act of trying would create parallel worlds with their own problems. This wondrous book, the story of a handful of people who seek to alter the twentieth century to create a better future, acknowledges the inhumanity of war and yet celebrates the joys of music, art, friendship, and family. And it reminds us that the future is made by the children of the present. I loved this book, and I heartily recommend it.”

–Eileen Gunn

“A time-travel adventure novel with neurochemistry, quantum physics, and Maria Montessori at its heart. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool. This book is a compelling read for thinking people, and I totally recommend it.”  
–Eileen Gunn
I especially like “The world would resist.”  It rather reminds me  of Geoff Ryman’s “A country is like a child” in his stellar novel, WAS.  I read it Eileen’s words as meaning that a world, or a history, is like a child.  Which is very interesting.  I think that histories, being composed of and invented/interpreted by humans, are malleable and organic systems, and therefore fully capable of resisting on some level.   The same way that any system resists change. 
Thank you, Eileen!
Read more by and about Eileen Gunn at http://www.eileengunn.com/
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