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Goonan on the Radio with Jeff Haas Talking About Jazz

Last week I got an email from the producer of Jazz Connections, a radio show in Interlochen Public Radio hosted by Jeff Haas. 

This from their web page.  (Link at the end of this post.)

“What do Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Claudia Schmidt, Thelonious Monk, Eric Clapton, Charles Mingus, Ron Getz and Duke Ellington have in common? Find out on Jazz Connections with acclaimed Michigan jazz composer, musician and educator Jeff Haas. Each week, Jeff artfully blends music and storytelling as he explores jazz and its ties to other traditions including rock-n-roll, the blues, soul, world and classical music. Think “radio version of the best liner notes collection ever compiled” … with an engaging and sometimes edgy soundtrack to back it up.”

Jeff interviewed me about the jazz aspects of my novels.  It was a marvelous interview–great questions.  A jazz musician of some renown, he asked me which musician I would most like to be.  This is such a good question that I couldn’t decide, as if I actually had to make that decision instantly before being transmuted into someone, a la QUEEN CITY JAZZ, in which the inhabitants of Cincinnati become American musicians, artists, or writers.  I said Billy Strayhorn, for his depth and mastery.  I might just as well have said Ella Fitzgerald, for her astounding control of her instrument, John Coltrane for the spirituality permeating his work, Bill Evens for his erudition, Miles Davis for his cool, Charles Parker for his heat, his shattering creative intensity. 

But throughout most of  the interview, Jeff, he asked me about jazz and my books–just how and why my books are jazz-based, and why my brain is wired the way it is. 

Also interviewed for this show is Charles Limb, an otolaryngologist at Johns Hopkins.  He uses fMRI to image the brains of jazz musicians while they play.  Terrifically exciting! 

The reason that Jeff Haas does such a good job with Jazz Connections is that he is a jazz musician himself.  He is deeply connected to the world of jazz, and of education.  In addition to everything else that he does, he teaches multiculturalism in the public schools through jazz. 

The show will air on Saturday:    7:00 pm on IPR News Radio, Sunday:  6:00 pm on Classical IPR, and Thursday:  10:06 pm on Classical IPR.  You can listen locally, in northern Michigan, or online.  Here is a link to the page:  http://ipr.interlochen.org/jazzconnection .  On the right side of the page is a Listen link so that you can listen live, and links to more information about Jeff Haas.  I’ve ordered a few of his CD’s.  He’s very good.

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