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FLURB, and a lost chapter from THIS SHARED DREAM

Last August, Rudy Rucker kindly asked if I had anything for Flurb, his fascinating webzine.  He published a piece of mine called “The Amazing Dancing Chairs” a few years ago.  I sent him a chapter that I wrote for THIS SHARED DREAM which was excised from the final manuscript because of length.  Perhaps someday I will publish a Director’s Cut of DREAM and IN WAR TIMES, from which much was also excised. 

I was exceedingly busy because I was preparing for my Georgia Tech stint, but Rudy took over and gave the chapter a title–“Buried in Time,” which, though gloomy, really works well.  He paired it perfectly with some of his own stunning artwork.  You http://www.flurb.net/10/goonan10.htm .  After that, take time to peruse more of the pieces at www.flurb.net

I’m sure most of you know of Rudy Rucker, a writer, mathematician, computer scientist, and university professor whose lineup of books is, in the most intense sense of the word, amazing.  His home page is http://www.cs.sjsu.edu/faculty/rucker/  You don’t want to miss his artwork nor his novels or philosophical/mathematical nonfiction.

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