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Palin’s “Rogue” Christianity — Sally Quinn. And Some Noah’s Ark Thoughts Of My Own.


Last night as my husband drove us home from U.T. after a quintessential fall day of moody clouds, images morphed and chased one another through my mind, as usual, and intertwined:  Palin shooting caribou, wolves, or some frightened fleeing animal from a helicoptor, her lip-smacking assertion that “I always remind people outside our state that there is plenty of room for all Alaska’s animals–right next to the mashed potatoes,” and Noah’s ark.  The soundtrack alternated between Dylan’s “God Gave Names to all the Animals” and Steven Stills’ “Fallen Eagle,” from MANASSAS, complete with words:

Sing to the fallen eagle
Helicopters fly
Chase him ’round the mountains
Chase him ’til he dies

They say that it’s good sportin’
Shootin’ him on the wing
Above the roar and clatter
You can hear your rifle sing
his death song
it won’t be long

Sing to the western rancher
The eagle takes his lamb
He’s got a thousand others
He don’t give a damn

Get up with the sunrise
Everybody gather ’round
Kill him with the first shot
He’ll turn and bring you down
down down
crash on the ground

Sing to the noble eagle
Help is on the way
A government team of experts
Is a’rushin’ to your aid

I know your not excited
An eagle is no waif
Fly on up to Canada
This country isn’t safe
that’s for sure.


If the Bible says “Man” is supposed to protect God’s Creation, as symbolized in the Book of Noah, why is Palin so all-fired (excuse me.  please.) eager to exterminate them. 

There was also a hunter-gatherer lietmotif woven through it all, which is where “Fallen Eagle” made its entrace.  Okay, we are hunters, sure, and those ancestral hunting urges are powerful, so who can blame a woman for wanting, like her ancestors, to — to wait, and sense, and track, and honor the fallen animal, and . . .

Well, not exactly; let’s cut to the chase (oh dear.  more apologies!  really!).  Let us simply use the skills our kind has honed over millions of years, like bearing down on animals from the sky in loud machines and murdering them wholesale.  That’s kind of how they got rid of the buffalo, isn’t it?  Shoot, there’s (oh NO!  I did it AGAIN) just so much dang FUN to be had by using our evolution-honed, I mean, our God-Given rights, and those abilities He (natch) has so generously bestowed upon us. 


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