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Yes, it is indeed nice to have a choice, isn’t it.  About anything and everything.  About, say, what my taxes will pay for, specifically. 

I caught an interview this morning, but don’t know where it was or who was on it, specifically.  The characters were Interviewer, Perfectly-Coiffed, Perky, Youngish Republican Spokeswoman, and a Congresswoman clearly rooted in the Sixties. 

Coif-Woman instantly asserted that the Stupak Amendment was a Victory For American Woman!  Yes!  (Perfect smile; perky nod.)  Because the majority of women in this country are against abortion . . .

The interviewer cut her off, saying, if you are going to make assertions that are not true, don’t say anything.  And basically, whenever he let her back in, she was right there with the same talking points because that was all she had. 

Her point was that people who do not approve of women having a choice about what happens in and to their own bodies do not want to pay taxes that may pay for a woman who chooses to have an abortion. 

Hey, sounds good to me!  I would love that philosophy when it comes to taxation.  Count me out for any kind of military expenses–arms, our ongoing and future wars, all of that.  It tears at my heart to think that I am contributing to the death or suffering of innocent already-born people.  I am paying for the bullets or missiles or drone strikes that kill their mother, their father, their grandmother, their little sister.  That’s right.  Dead, as in final.  As in your entire family destroyed and your country devastated and you a refugee with one leg and no food.  I emphatically do not want to pay for that.  Give me that choice, Republicans, please.  Great idea. 

Instead, I would like my tax dollars in their entirety to go to developing a science-based public education pedagogy that is effective and leads to universal literacy and 100% employment.  And to feeding and housing the poor. 

Thank you, Republican Women!  What a marvelous idea.  You are true visionaries.

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