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Some photos from ICFA’s

I decided to post a few photos–that’s what one does on blogs.  So here is one of me just before the 2008 ICFA banquet in Orlando, taken by Ellen Datlow.




And another Datlow photo from ICFA Scholar Luncheon 2008 ICFA by Ellen Datlow2008, this time at the Scholar Luncheon





Peter and Susan Straub and Kathleen Goonan


Here is me with Peter Straub and his wife Susan, also by Ellen Datlow at an ICFA, but I don’t recall the year.  2007, perhaps.   Peter, Susan, and I had trekked across the highway to find a crew having lunch, and joined them. 


After jumping into pool at ICFA

 Peter Straub, dry, and Ellen Klages, Farrah Mendleson, Nalo Hopkinson, and myself.  We slid into the pool as soon as the Locus picture was taken.  I was first–but only by a nanosecond.   In fact, I think this picture waas taken an hour or so before the second one.  I just sat by the pool and my clothes dried quickly in the Florida sun.  Humans dry quickly, too–and I have never used sunscreen in my life, not while in Hawaii for three years of my life, nor while in Florida for nineteen years.  Oh, well. 

me profile orlando 09 ellen d At the Banquet, listening attentively to the Awards Ceremony–always entertaining in unexpected ways at ICFA, as in the Year of Tossing Dinner Rolls.  Which I did NOT start. 


Businesslike, yes!  At another ICFAme at icfa 06 by ellen

And finally one from 2006 ICFA from the ICFA site, when I was the Special Writer Guest of HonorKathleen Goonan, Special Guest at ICFA 2006, from the ICFA photostream.

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1 Nalo { 06.10.12 at 1:23 PM }

I’m pretty sure that Peter didn’t jump into the pool, though I was dearly hoping that he would. Quite a few other people did jump in, but I think we mermaids were the first four (and you the first among us). It was Farah’s idea originally, as a sendoff of our last ICFA in Fort Lauderdale. But she didn’t want to do it alone.

2 Kathleen Goonan { 06.10.12 at 2:30 PM }

Of *course* Peter didn’t jump into the pool–he had to stay dry for the impending wedding in Miami (not his own). Otherwise, who knows?

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