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How To Defeat The Drug Lords That Control Afghanistan and other related issues

This is going to be pretty short, actually.

Afghanistan is controlled by drug lords.  Thugs.  They get their power from money and they get their money from selling poppies. 

Money can be removed from the equation by legalizing drug use.  You are saying, but this opens an even bigger can of worms. 

In the short run, perhaps.  But an addiction is an addiction.  People did not stop drinking alcohol during prohibition; they just made bootleggers rich or moved to Europe for the duration. 

Our tender children might be exposed to drugs?  They already are.  Alcohol is quasi-controlled by age.  A certain percentage of humans do have a propensity to alcohol addiction, and it is dreadful, but can be avoided by not drinking.  This is difficult, I know, but it is doable.  I believe that it is medically possible to function as a heroin addict, when heroin is legally available, than it is to function as an alcoholic.  Here is a link about legal heroin use in Switzerland, which took me a second to find.  I am sure you can find more just as quickly.  http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/563/switzerland_heroin_prescription_marijuana_vote  And more on various aspects of this approach, socially or medically oriented. 

Are bootleggers making a ton of money now in the U.S.?  No.  But they did spawn organized crime.  I suppose that would continue to exist in Afghanistan if drugs were not a revenue. 

Certainly, the education and empowerment of girls and women are the primary issue, here.   My forthcoming novel, THIS SHARED DREAM, which won’t be out for a year or so, describes one possible approach to furthering this goal. 

But for now, why must the world throw money at these people?

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