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JUBILEE HITCHHIKER, Richard Brautigan biography

Review of JUBILEE HITCHHIKER,  a biography of Richard Brautigan.

One of my favorite authors in the Sixties, Seventies, and into the Eighties.  I was stunned when I heard of his suicide on the radio and felt very guilty about not reading beyond THE HAWKLINE MONSTER.  It was only because I’d started a business and was working sixty hours a week.   I wrote a paper about TROUT FISHING IN AMERICA in college, and lines from IN WATERMELON SUGAR often spring to mind. 

Anyway, of course I ordered this posthaste, being a biography junkie


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1 comment

1 Bob MacNeal { 06.20.12 at 12:44 PM }

Richard Brautigan was also one of my favorite authors. In the late 70s I served a table with Richard and friends at the long defunct Rocky Mountain Pasta Company in Montana. Hjortsberg’s book was dense and encyclopedic, but I stuck with it because of my interest in all things Brautigan.

Have you read “Waltzing with The Captain” by Greg Keeler? Waltzing with The Captain is a delightfully lyrical and moving homage to Keeler’s mercurial friendship with Brautigan. Keeler is one of my favorite contemporary authors. Keeler’s book is much tighter and masterfully written. Keeler’s stories reveal much about Brautigan and I found them to be whimsical and dark – in the spirit of John Irving.

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